10 SEP 05 - I haven't done a serious web site update since before I deployed to Afghanistan in AUG 03. I am once again deploying overseas, so I felt I should post up the new work in the year that I have been home. All knives below are from 2005 and represent some of my regular models as well as a lot of experimentation with new stuff - perhaps not outrageously original, but new ideas for me. I will not have the shop back up and running until at least some time in 2009. In the meantime, enoy the pictures - Bob

Loveless Style NY Special



Hybrid (Resolute blade and Nocturnus handle)

Resolute Hunter

SRJ Hunter


Scathing Fighter and Stamina Camp Knife


Keychain Companion V2.0

Sanguine Boot Knife

Deba Hocho Style Chef's Knife


Office Companion


Fred Carter/Bob Doggett Fusion Knives